Octave Higher
Working with Gene Raymond took my singing ability to new levels and I have never looked back since.I love the simplicity of Speech level singing and it is so easy to combine your vocal warm ups into your everyday routine.Without the guidance and support of Gene I would never have had the confidence I do today to get up on that stage and give my all vocally and hit those high notes. Gene is a great teacher who makes the art of learning fun.

        -Georgia Napolitano from The Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Working with Gene has completely changed my life. Using the Speech Level Singing technique, he has taught me to connect my head voice and my chest voice into all one mix. I feel like I have never truly been able to sing until now. In just a few months I was able to overcome life long problems with my voice such as fatigue and breaking in my voice. Now I have the freedom to sing using my entire vocal range without any problems in the areas that used to be the most difficult. Gene has helped me to unlearn my former bad habits and wrong teaching from other vocal coaches and break through to my own true voice.

        -Scarlett singing at Antone's
Hi friends and fellow singers and welcome to OctaveHigher Voice Studio.

Singing requires the ability to deliver a song in a way that fits the style and mood of the song. As well as the freedom to interpret and feel that song. Being able to do that depends on your singing technique. The better your technique the greater control you have of your voice. With solid technique you are able to sing a variety of styles, from pop to classic and from R & B to opera.

This is the technique I offer you. You'll be able to sing for longer periods of time every day. Speech Level Singing technique is used worldwide and due to it's success continues to grow.

As you will see, this technique is used by some of the most successful singers and actors in the world.

If you can't study with me go to the Seth Riggs link and find a teacher close to you. Or, give me a call at (512) 815-4200 and we'll setup Internet lessons. Whatever you decide, good luck and keep singing!

Gene Raymond