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Octave Higher is a revolutionary vocal training technique that maximizes your vocal abilities in any style of singing.

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The human voice is one of the most versatile.

The human voice is one of the most versatile instruments ever created. For musical artists, their voice transports listeners to another time and place, evokes strong feelings, and draws out a number of emotional reactions. Whether you are a budding singer, an experienced crooner, or someone who simply wants to improve their ability to sing well in your church choir – there are many beneficial lessons you can learn from an accomplished voice instructor. I can help you explore the full range of your voice. At Octave Higher Voice Studio in Austin, we work with you to help discover how to deliver a song in way that fits the style and mood of the song.

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A Wealth of Experience

I pride myself on offering the best techniques and strategies to my students; techniques which I have practiced and refined over many years. I consistently help singers increase their power and preserve their health while perfecting technique. This strategy reliably increases longevity to the careers of the students I teach. Since 1985 I have been teaching and studying, with the past 14 years of that time dedicated to teaching private voice. My background also includes 30 years as choir director. All of my knowledge is channeled into making my students better, regardless of musical background: classical vocal music, pop music, musical theater, country, rock, and heavy metal.

Tried and True Technique

Similar to most things in life, practicing proper technique prepares you to succeed. With a solid technique in place, you are able to sing a variety of styles. The technique that I utilize is one that is used worldwide, and one that continues to grow today due to its measured success.

What Our Students Say About Us

"The real tried and tested method to freeing your voice. Exercises that instantly start training you voice with the support of the larynx to free the vocal chords and blend your passagio that will train you and your anoyying habits to follow the rules you tell it to. Working with Gene totally has begun to change my sound in the most real and natural way saving my voice, even saving time. No doubt you should come at the least to the first free lesson to expirience the perfect technique passed down to him from masters that coached many famous beautiful ..."

Gene is a great guy! I had a wonderful time working with him. He told me so much about where I am as a singer and what to work on within 10 minutes. I'm already noticing a difference and ready for more lessons.

Gene is a very kind person! I really enjoyed getting a chance to hang out with him during out time for my first lesson. He is very knowledgeable and does an excellent job at communicating to his students in a way that makes sense to them! Can't wait to continue lessons with him, this is the best I've ever had.

Gene worked with us to create a wonderful experience for our daughter. She's thrilled with the lessons and immediately increased her range. She loves the music Gene gave her to work with. A win for all of us!

My daughter adores Gene! He's great with kids and I could hear an improvement in her voice after her very first session with him!

Gene listens to your concerns and gets right to work to address those concerns. His knowledge and personality make the lesson both beneficial and comfortable.

I've only worked with Gene for a short time, however each lesson so far has established a head spring of tremendously essential vocal technique. Immediately it was made apparent to me that his approach towards voice tutoring was sophisticated and his patience regarding his students exceptional.

Crossfit for your voice! First lesson was great. No holds barred. Liked his 'targeted' and very scientifically-based integration of technique, neurology and muscle memory. He's a real find! (So's this Thumbtack, app!) Looking forward to the outcome of more lessons with Gene.

Gene, I wanted to thank you again for coaching me and the other singers in our rock n’ roll/blues band. Your coaching helped us so much. We knew that we were not blending – especially on tunes with a lead part and back-up parts – but we were clueless about how to fix the problems. You were able to hear and help us correct or improve things that we were unable to hear. Your coaching helped us address not just the more obvious things like singing the right notes and starting and cutting off together, but also subtle things like matching pronunciations, use of vibrato (or not), phrasing and relative volume. Through your coaching we were able to learn to listen to each other and work together better as a team. The result was a much tighter, cleaner and more polished sound. Our bass player, who attended the session, but was an observer and not a singer, says the difference you made was like night to day – from a “3” to a “10”. Thank you again for your great help. We look forward to having a chance to work with you more in the future.

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